The current H
.C. Austin Building was built in 1933 after the Great Fire that destroyed most of Main Street in Ellsworth. It was a mortuary and they made caskets. After much popularity, the Austins got into making and selling furniture. In the Late 1950's the Funeral Home moved out of the building to the current Jordan's Funeral Home, and Austin's became solely a furniture store and remained a very successful furniture store until a few years ago. Due to the poor economy, Austin's Furniture closed it's doors in 2009.

    We are hoping to find any information on the Austin Building we can. We currently have a record book of all the dates and details of each funeral that ever took place here. We will soon be making these available for the public for research and for anybody who is interested. We are currently seeking any old post cards, photos, receipts, signs, etc. to keep safely in the building for preservation. Any old photos of Main Street Ellsworth, the original Austin Building, Austin Family photos, or other historical photos or artifacts would be greatly appreciated. These items will NOT be for sale, we just want the locals to enjoy them FREE of charge.

    The original thermometer, funeral records, and other items were gifts from the previous owner (
Thanks Debbie!) and will never be sold. Our hope is that they stay with the building forever. Anyone with an interest in Ellsworth's history is welcome to view any of these items for FREE. We will gladly make photo copies of photos at printing cost only for anyone interested. We ask that nobody requests copies  unless they are interested in a family member or for personal interest as these items are not intended to be sold for profit. If the day comes that we sell the building, these records will stay with the building, or go to the Ellsworth Historical Society.