Charity - Give Back

posted Oct 18, 2011, 5:48 PM by Karen Sawyer
We Believe in helping others. At The Dream Catcher we do several things to improve our cummunity. So far we have helped the following non- profit organizations and will continue to help anyone in need...
    Arc Animal Shelter - We Hosted  a fundraising drive during Autumn Gold.
    Boy Scouts of America - We hosted Popcorn sales through Autmn Gold.... We Support Local Scouting and will continue to support them as needed. 
    We Regularing donate to several area schools to promote educational Experiences.
    We Purchased over 700  New Books to be given to Area children at Christmas to promote reading..
    We Did a Memorial Day Promotion - Handed out Ribbons & discount coupns to support our Vets...
    We volunteer Regulary at our local school...
In the future we will promote more Local Non Profits... "Help Those Who cannot Help Themselves"