Our Current Vendors

We have been in the antiques business for a long time and personaly selected 50% of our current dealers. We wanted hard working, Well recognized dealers, Yet Deversity. Thus meet our Dealers.
Our Youngest Dealer is 10 Years Old - Don't let his age fool you. He has a great eye and knows "Old Stuff"...
Our Oldest Dealer is 90 Years Old. Bringing us over 45 years experience as an antique dealer.
We Have over 70 Dealers from Maine, and 5 Dealers from out of Maine:
We have 1 Dealer from Florida, 2 Dealers from Connecticut, 1 Dealer from New York, and 1 Dealer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
About our resident Artist-
We have a local Potter who also Paints. "Denise's Corner" See Pictures below.
We Have a Mosaic Artist "Stevo" from Pennsylvania - Wow - Gotta see this
We have two local Native American Artist (Mic Mac Tribe) - See Pictures Below
A Local Painter who paints seascapes who has been painting for over 40 years.
We Have Several Jewelry Makers offering Unique designs using only the highest quality findings, beads, et.